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Friday 6/22/17

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Friday 6/22/17

Well, we ran our first ever promotion through Facebook yesterday.  Have to admit, advertising is a scary thing.  You spend money on faith, hope, and prayer, and then you wait (with more faith, hope and prayer).   We did get some results yesterday:  one big order and a few clicks to the website.  So, I guess we are good so far.  The promo will run for 10 days.  Will be a long 10 days for me.  So anyway, today I have to go get more of the new wrapping paper so I can fill yesterday's order.  Then I have to wrap, wrap, wrap.  Hope to make lotion today, too,  so I can finish the two new travel kits.  I'd like to get them in the Village Beach House next Wednesday when I go to Cocoa.  Also, the Honeysuckle body lotion sold out at the Space Coast Crafter's Coop (soon to be Cocoa Village Artisans), so I need to replace that on Wednesday, as well.  Have a nice day everyone.  Will be a busy one for me.


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