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Luxury Fragrance Body Mist

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The Lady of Shalott's Body Mist is made from high quality Perfumers Alcohol infused with luxury fragrance just like expensive cologne's and perfumes.  The difference in body mist and cologne is a lower concentration of fragrance.  Very light and cooling, this mist is perfect for after shower or after a work out.  Spritz it on for a quick lift of fragrance.  Its another layer for your fragrance aura.  Our body mist comes in a clear 4 ounce spray bottle. If you don't see the body mist fragrance you are looking for, go to premium fragrance body mist to see if your fragrance is listed there.  If you can't find our fragrance there, send us an email, and we will create it for you if possible.

This product can only ship fed ex ground due to the alcohol content.


Common Name:  Perfumer's Alcohol SDA 40B, Isopropyl Myristate, Polysorbate 20, Fragrance, may contain colorant.