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Luxury Fragrance Talc-Free Body Powder

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Smooth and luxurious, this powder is definitely for those who remember the decadent feel and fragrance of body powder after a shower or bath.  Powder is especially nice in warm weather and high humidity climates.  With all the controversy about the risks of talc, today body powder has become almost a thing of the past.  However as powder lovers, we'd like to resurrect it without the use of talc.  Our powder gives you the same smooth, luxurious poof as the powder of old, but without the risks of talc.  This powder is double scented, and comes in a 4 ounce powder shaker making application easy.  You can apply with the shaker or apply the powder to a purchased puff to get the soothing benefits of powder and fragrance.  


Common name:  Modified Tapioca Starch, Arrowroot Powder, Cornstarch, Fragrance.